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Membership Application Form

Winter Membership Application Form


  Individual Family
Junior member(17 & under at 1.1.2016), Non Sailing Family N/A £118.50
Junior Member x 2 Non Sailing Family  N/A  £173.00
Full time student (18 to 25 years inclusive) £56.00  N/A
Under 25 years at 1.1.2017 £147.00


25 years and over £257.50 £321.50
Social Member (Non-voting, non sailing) £63.00


  Boat Fee Anglian Water Dues
Optimist £48.00 £49.00
Sailboard £33.50 £49.00
Dinghy £88.75 £49.00
Catamaran £104.00 £49.00
Dayboat (No cabin, inc Skud, F15, Squib etc) unmoored £46.65 per metre £72.50
Dayboat (No cabin, inc Skud, F15, Squib etc) moored £83.10 per metre £72.50
Cruiser (With cabin) unmoored £52.25 per metre £117.75
Cruiser (With cabin) moored £83.10 per metre £117.75
Unladen trailer £54.50 -
  1. When not part of a Full Family membership, a Junior will be expected to be associated with an adult who is at least a Social member of RSC.  Therefore there is a new “Junior (Non Sailing  Family)” class of subscription.   Where there are two juniors in the same family unit there is only a requirement for them to be associated with one adult social member, therefore there is a second new “Junior x 2 (Non Sailing Family)” class of subscription.  All junior members with a dinghy on their membership will receive a £25 discount on the boat fee.
  2.  All Junior Members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who has total responsibility for them while on site. 
  3.  Family membership includes wife/husband/partner and children up to age 18, or 21 if in full-time education. 
  4.  In order to encourage families to join and their members to sail, there will be a £25 discount for the second and subsequent boats, if these are dinghies within a family paying Family Membership
  5.  Winter Membership is available from mid-October to mid-March at a rate applicable at the time.
  6.  Fees are not refundable. 
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